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HardCare | Chiropractic tour services


If you are a touring musician, artist, band or whatever might enter the stages and you’re crossing the northwestern area of Germany I’d love to provide your professional chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care enhances movement, quality of life and boosts your general wellbeing. It can be a powerful tool to strengthen your body against the distractions of an artistic life’s circumstances.

Being on tour usually means being in the van, sleeping at irregular schedules and an interesting variety of meals. Just to name a few of the nice side effects while being a rockstar.

Chiropractic care wants you to be fit and well-balanced. Even if you’re pain-free removing nerve-interferences might help you to get even better through a tough time. I’m specialized in non- and low-force adjustments. If you want and you got experience, I could give you a manual full-spine treatment as well.

In my lovely office near Bremen/Oldenburg you’ll find some relaxed moments. If you want, I can make fresh & high-quality organic-vegan catering possible too.

Why should you visit me? Besides being a trained and licensed health practioner since 2011 I’m inside the subcultures for about 25 years, been in bands and cultural activities in various positions. During the treatment you can choose between the likes of Anthrax, Descendents or New Model Army to Johannes Brahms as background music to bring you all the convenience you need.

Your schedule doesn’t allow you to come to my office? No problem, I can pack my mobile adjustment table and get to nearly every venue you want.

Please ask for pricing and details. Languages: English and German.